Facilities and Services

With 2 storeys and a floor area of 800 square meters, our facilities have more than enough space for all our members and all the activities we offer. The gym area is complete with multiple Olympic bars, dumbbell sets, multiple squat racks, and more than enough space for your work out. We also have a 200 meter indoor oval that you can use.

Our entire facility is under 24 hour surveillance. The only areas not covered by our security cameras are private areas such as locker rooms and spa areas. Though we assure you that Gains And Grind Fitness Center is a safe place but

8 Treadmills

6 Sprint Treadmills

6 Rowing Machines

6 Air Bikes

6 Elliptical Machines

Dumbbell Set (5lbs to 100lbs in 5lb intervals)

8 Adjustable Benches

8 Olympic Bars

4 Preacher Bars

4 Squat Racks

2 Adjustable Bench Press Benches

Cable Set Up

Leg Press Machine

Set Leg Press Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Flye Machine

Lat Pulldown Machine

Low Row Machine

Seated Row Machine

Bicep Preacher Bar Set Up

Assisted Pull Up and Dip Set Up

50 Yoga Mats

30 Bikes

2 Kettle Bell Sets (4kgs to 40 kgs in 4kg intervals)

Included in our Spa Facilities are the steam and sauna rooms. We have two rooms of each for both men and women. We also have ice baths and tea baths. We also have an area for massages.

All equipment are cleaned and disinfected every 4 hours. The yoga mats though are cleaned every hour. The toilets are also cleaned every hour.