Welcome to our Gains And Grind Fitness Center

�Rise and grind� is the mantra that we keep in our gym. We try to make working out and living a healthier lifestyle as fun as possible but we all know that as soon as you form your habits, you also start to fall in love with the grind. We aim to motivate you and help you bring yourself to rise to the challenge and rise to a better and healthier you.

Gains And Grind Fitness Center boasts one of the largest fitness centers in Palm Springs with 2 storeys and a floor area of 800 square meters. We have more than enough space for our gym area, our class areas, our lockers, bathrooms, courts, in-door oval, sauna, steam room, health bar, and in-house spa. Our gym equipment are all new and cleaned and disinfected regularly for our members� convenience. We also have numerous classes that our members can enjoy! We have two types of classes; scheduled and by appointment. The scheduled classes will push through no matter what while some classes by appointment will require a minimum number of participants to schedule ahead of time. Due to demand of some classes, slots may be limited. The gym has a 200m indoor oval for members who would like to run a bit more freely and do sprints.

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